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Script Writer



From the conception of my acting career I’ve always been fascinated with Scriptwriting & the general mechanics of TV & Film productions. Young Actors are usually pigeonholed hence recently I’ve encouraged my Actor Son Raphael to embrace scriptwriting, Directing, Director of Photograph & the editorial process.  

I am presently developing two major TV series projects. One is a Criminal Dramatic series & the other a Supernatural Dramatic series. My passion for scriptwriting is embellished in both these compelling & original projects. Obtaining a TV commission from the powers that demand teamwork & as I progress nearer to my goal I will introduce the team that is enabling my TV production dreams to come true. I am always happy to discuss scriptwriting so if you’re a writer or Film-TV producer/production company please don’t hesitate to reach out, ‘No Man is Island’, I love to collaborate.  

My intentions are for this website to spontaneously reach out from my standpoint as an Actor Voiceover Artist, Script Writer & Freemason, endeavouring to communicate esoteric positivity & educate self-empowered mental development.


Vas Blackwood 

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