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Welcome to the exclusive & authentic
Rory Breaker & Lennox Gilbey
merchandise range

Vas Blackwood. Artist Voiceover. Freemasonry

The Lennox slogan’s “SHA-AH-DOW”, “BLOODY WATCH” & “They seek him HERE, they seek him THERE….the damn illusive Sha-ah-dow” alongside Rory’s epic catchphrases “Is this some WHITE C#nts joke that BLACK C#nts don’t get?”, “If the MILK turns out to be SOUR, I ain’t the kind of PUSSY to drink it” & “I’LL KILL YA” are now yours to treasure for life & beyond.

A day doesn’t pass without a member of the public stopping me requesting I quote one of these slogans or equally they gleefully recite it to me. I deeply respect the adulation & I daily thank the Great Architect of the Universe for inspiring me to have delivered these six catchphrases so eloquently that they’re now worthy of merchandise inscription for eternity. 

Thank you for your purchase!

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