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Actor & Voice Over Artist




In my opinion, a professional Actor surges to metamorphize into a character with a brave & passionate analytical ability to harmonize any surreal or real-life occurrences, aided by scripted depictions of imaginary circumstantial moments.  

The ‘Craft’ of being a successful accomplished Actor is monetary but resides in human longevity. If you read ‘An Actor Prepares’ by Constantin Stanislavski or any book that parallels such assessments of the ‘Craft’ of acting you’ll simply realise that ‘The World is a Stage & we are all merely players’.  

I was rewarded with my English Actors Union equity card in 1980 at the age of Eighteen. 

Forty Two years stronger I am still earning a living from Acting, Voiceovers, Scriptwriting & TV/Film producing. With Age has come wisdom, prudence, experiencing life devining relationships, having three children, visiting different cultures worldwide, buying properties, squandering & losing money, hard-earned bonanza windfalls, christenings, weddings & funerals, all life-changing events that I’ve implanted into my professional actors-psyche manual.  

Seemingly, for the millennium generation, success is partly based on one’s Social-Media status, your worth is supposedly measured by the number of followers you have on Instagram, Facebook & or Twitter?  

Forty-Two years toiling as an actor has taught me that ‘Not everything that glitters is Gold’ plus ‘The race is not for the swift but they that can endure’. In a nutshell: self-belief, self-determination, daily self-empowerment & basic self-worth are the main criteria for carving out a lifelong career as an actor.  

As the great Bob Marley wrote; ‘Don’t let them fool you or even try to school you’.  

Playing Rory Breaker in Guy Ritchie’s debut Movie ‘Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels’ chiseled my character-acting credentials in stone for eternity. Working alongside Sir David Jason in the BBC’s ‘Only Fools & Horses’ co-starring as Lennox ‘Shadow’ Gilbey plus comedic dabbling’s with Sir Lenny Henry, with my portrayal of Winston in the BBC’s ‘The Delbert Wilkins Show’ brought me further TV acclaim.  

From Shakespearean acting at the London National Theatre, hamming it up in Jamaican Roots Plays in front of a sold-out London Hackney Empire & proceeding onwards with numerous TV & Films roles testifies my character-acting credentials. I am truly grateful & I thank the Universe daily.  

This website is in honour of me approaching my fiftieth year in showbusiness. 

An extraordinary new chapter in my life is about to unfold. This website will allow me to share goals & challenges. I’ll be proudly revealing my exploration into new Acting horizons. Having established my brand, I consider it my duty to share a positive ideology within the realms of this somewhat difficult yet beautiful profession.  

Keep visiting, you never know, I might provide that ‘Eureka’ effect within your life.   

ACTING AGENT. LINK  Words cannot describe the gratitude & respect I have for my Agent/Manager Luc Chaudhary & all the team at IAM. Going forward Luc is enabling me to realise my potential as a dignified character actor. “Know your worth & go beyond” - being our motto, Luc & his team are always available for discussing acting projects suited for me so please contact them here.     



Being born with a distinguishable vocal tone has enabled me to realise my potential as a Voiceover artist. My zest for standing up in a sound-booth for a voice recording is relentless.  

I always endeavour to produce a 110% perfect diaphragmatic pitched infusion whenever voicing for an animated film, TV/Radio advertisement characters. I hope you enjoy my latest Voice Showreel! I am always updating my Voice-Show reel with the latest works so please feel free to visit Yakety-Yak at your whim.


My Agent/Voice Manager Helen Gallwey & the team will be more than happy to assist with TV/Radio adverts, animations & any potential Voiceover project inquires.   

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